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7 Steps How To Improve Your Own Veggie Garden and You Can't Miss The 7th!

Updated: Mar 29

07 Steps for you to grow a #veggiegarden #Eastmansoil #VeggieMix2 in your backyard Well, you know you can try this at home. With a system originating from the Park Service in Lima (SERPAR), in Peru, we will learn how to make a vegetable garden, occupying only 3.2 square feet , or 1m2, and still stop consuming vegetables, you may have pesticide residues when you cannot buy organic products. This Veggie Garden is perfect for small spaces in your backyard. If you have more space available, even better. You can have your whole family interacting.

It is a pleasant task to be responsible.

There are forms of life that are interacting directly in our lives.

Mainly as the basis that is health and a healthy body that can age well.

It is gratifying when we could be the authors of our own food, of our health. The Veggie Garden is sufficient to supply the amount of vegetables a person eats daily for a month. To do this, just divide 3.2 square meters of land into 16 squares of the same size.  So just plant a different variety of herbs or veggies in each box. The correct way for you to start:

1) Space (3,2 sqft ) for 01 month of 16 veggie kind divided into 16 equal parts

4 columns x 4 rows per person 2) 0.260 cubic yard of our beloved of everybody #VeggieMix2 for each 3.2 sf 3) Larger plants should be in the back rows,  and the smaller ones, in the front rows, so sunlight reaches everyone. 4) Vertical plants, such as tomatoes, must be hung on a support structure - which must be installed on one of the garden's "lines" (iron, PVC pipes or other reused items) they can compose the structure), tying them to support the weight. 5) Maintenance is smooth, as anyone can easily reach the entire plantation space without planting, watering and harvesting becoming big jobs. The height of the vegetable garden reaches, at most, a person's waist (which facilitates the life of the physically disabled). 6) Crop rotation is automatic. For example: a crop that takes longer, such as tomatoes, can be planted among other fast-harvest crops that will be harvested before the plant needs more space.

7) Just Love It!!

images kindly provided by Park Service in Lima (SERPAR), in #Peru, through the #Brazilianorganicgardening and #horticulture website Always with excellent tips and solutions for our #garden, and home crops.

Hands down #veggies and flavoring #herbs, #tea and #spices of #AmericanFamilies


Small plants: Radish Beet Carrot Onion Spinach Radula (one of the fastest) Lettuce Parsley Thyme Oregano Basil Garlic Green onion


Large plants: Vertical Plants:

Cabbage Tomatoes

Broccolis Zucchini

Eggplant Pod

Kale Cucumber


Now that you know how to do it, let's go start your own veggie garden with Eastman Soil!!

Good Luck!

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